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Institute Awards

The Boyle Higgins Gold Medal and Lecture Award

The Boyle Higgins Medal and Lecture Award, instituted in 1985, is an award for research work carried out in chemistry under the headings: (a) Pure Chemistry, (b) Applied and Industrial Chemistry or (c) Chemical Education. The award is made for an outstanding and internationally recognised research contribution to the advancement of chemistry by a chemist of any nationality working in Ireland or by an Irish chemist working overseas.

Past Recipients

  • 1990 Professor Duncan Thorburn Burns (Applied Chemistry)
  • 1992 Doctor Peter E. Childs (Chemical Education)
  • 1993 Professor M. Anthony McKervey (Pure Chemistry)
  • 1996 Professor David A. Brown (Pure Chemistry)
  • 1998 Professor Richard N. Butler (Pure Chemistry)
  • 2000 Professor Dervilla M.X. Donnelly (Pure Chemistry)
  • 2002 Doctor John F. O’Sullivan (Applied Chemistry)
  • 2005 Professor Donald Fitzmaurice (Pure Chemistry)
  • 2007 Professor Rory More O’Ferrall (Pure Chemistry)
  • 2008 Professor Albert Pratt (Pure Chemistry)
  • 2009 Professor Seán Corish (Pure Chemistry)
  • 2011 Professor Frank Hegarty (Pure Chemistry)
  • 2012 Professor Malcolm R. Smyth (Applied Chemistry)
  • 2013 Doctor Sheila Willis (Applied Chemistry)
  • 2014 Professor Patrick J Guiry (Pure Chemistry)
  • 2015 Professor Dermot Diamond (Applied Chemistry)
  • 2016 Professor Kieran Hodnett (Applied Chemistry)
  • 2017 Professor Henry Curran (Applied Chemistry)

Further Details (PDF Document)

Boyle Higgins Award Rules (Word Document)

The ICI Annual Award for Chemistry (Eva Philbin Public Lecture Series)

The Institute of Chemistry of Ireland Annual Award for Chemistry was inaugurated in 2005. Since 2007, the lectures are termed the Eva Philbin Public Lecture Series. The late Professor Eva Philbin was formerly head of the Chemistry Department in University College Dublin and also a former President of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland. The award is for a practising chemist, who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of chemistry and has considerably raised the profile of chemistry through both the excellence of their work and their ability to communicate in an effective and lucid manner.

The nominee may be employed in academia, industry or the state sector. The recipient who may be an Irish or international chemist of repute will present lectures on their field of work, in Dublin and in two other locations in Ireland, within twelve months of receiving the award. These lectures will be open to the general public as the purpose of the award is to promote the benefits of chemistry to the widest audience.

Past Recipients

  • 2005 Professor David A. Leigh
  • 2006 Professor A. Prasanna de Silva
  • 2007 Doctor Mary Archer
  • 2008 Professor Peter Atkins
  • 2009 Professor Martyn Poliakoff
  • 2011 Doctor Malachy McCann
  • 2012 Professor Lesley Yellowlees
  • 2013 Professor Herbert W. Roeskey
  • 2014 Professor Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson
  • 2015 Professor Michael J. Zaworotko
  • 2016 Professor John Sodeau

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Second Level Education Award: Highest Results in Leaving Certificate Honours Chemistry Course

Prizes are awarded to the students achieving the highest marks in Ireland.

Third Level Education Awards for Highest Results Chemistry

One year’s Free Graduate Membership (GradMICI) of the Institute and a Certificate is offered to college Graduates obtaining Institute-Accredited Chemistry Degrees in Ireland each year subject to certain conditions.


  • Only Institute-Accredited Degree Courses qualify,
  • Of these, only four-year Degree Courses qualify,
  • A maximum of two Degree Courses per College per year are eligible, and
  • Graduates must have attained first place on their Course, and either a First or an Upper Second Honours Degree, to qualify for the award.

The Institute of Chemistry of Ireland's Awards for the EURACHEM Analytical Measurement Competition (EAMC)

This annual Competition was inaugurated in 1999 under the auspices of the Association of Heads of Science at the Institutes of Technology. The aim of the competition is to make students aware, at an early stage in their training, of the importance of reliability in laboratory measurements. It is open to full-time science students attending any third level institution anywhere on the island of Ireland, who have not yet entered the third year of their course.
Each year the Institute awards prizes to the First Place winners and the Runners-up and also to the Lecturer of the winning College.

Irish Universities Chemistry Research Colloquium

The Irish Universities Chemistry Research Colloquium is run annually under the aegis of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland. Each year, the Institute offers a Prize to the overall winner of the Colloquium.

The Institute also offers a special prize for the best oral presentation by a Graduate Member of the Institute (GradICI) at the Colloquium.

Schools Chemistry Newsletter Prize

The Institute sponsors a Schools Chemistry Newsletter Competition. This competition, organised by the Institute, is open to all second level students (both North and South) who are interested in Chemistry.

Entrants must submit a Newsletter, suitable for the non-scientist, explaining clearly and accurately the significance of any aspects of chemistry in an engaging, informative and easily intelligible manner. The competition is also supported by ISTA. A different topic is chosen each year.