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European Chemist Registration Board

The European Chemist Registration Board (ECRB), under the authority of EuCheMS, is responsible for the award of the European Chemist (EurChem) designation.

The aim of the EurChem designation is to promote the mobility of chemical scientists throughout Europe based on an agreed set of skills, competencies and training.

Candidates for EurChem must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Be a member of a participating EuCheMS member society (in the case of the Institute, members must have the MICI grade or higher)
  • Have at least eight years of post-secondary school education including a 'Bologna' 2nd cycle qualification (or equivalent)
  • Have at least three years' approved post-graduation professional experience
  • Nominate two Referees who must be members of the applicant's national chemical society (i.e. Institute members with the MICI grade or higher)
  • Apply through their EuCheMS member society.

The current five-year registration fee is 100 Euro. In the event that an application is unsuccessful, the 100-Euro fee will be returned. In addition, the Institute charges an initial non-refundable 25 Euro application fee.

Application for EurChem Designation.

EurChem Form (PDF Document)

Completed forms, including the full fee (125 Euro) made payable to The Institute of Chemistry of Ireland, should be sent to:

The Honorary Secretary
The Institute of Chemistry of Ireland
PO Box 9322
Cardiff Lane
Dublin 2.

Further information: Guidance Notes (PDF Document)